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How close are you to Bourbon Street, the French Quarter, the World War II Museum and all the other cool things New Orleans has to offer?

Bourbon Street 6 blocks, 10 minute walk
French Quarter 5 blocks, less than 10 minute walk
World War II 4 blocks, less than 10 minute walk
Café du Monde 3 blocks, 5 minute walk
Convention Center 2 blocks, less than 5 minute walk
Harrah's Casino 5 blocks, less than 10 minute walk

For more detail, please see our Explore page

Are the Saints going to win the Super Bowl? 

Yes, we are CERTAIN the Saints will win the next Super Bowl. Who Dat!

How close is the streetcar stop?

There are 2 convenient stops nearby:

Is Mardi Gras every weekend?

No. Mardi Gras is held once a year, typically in February or early March. Mardi Gras day is the Tuesday before the Catholic holiday of Ash Wednesday. Parades run throughout the city in the 2 weeks prior to Mardi Gras Day. However, it isn't unheard of to see a parade rolling down Canal Street on a random weeknight any time of the year. New Orleanians will have a parade for anything!

If you are planning to host a group with us, we can help you create a special parade style atmosphere by enlisting a second line band to march with you and your guests. Be sure to ask one of our sales managers how to create this experience while you are here!

Do you have a shuttle from the airport or train station?

Unfortunately a New Orleans city ordinance prohibits downtown hotels from offering shuttle service to/from the airport/train station, but we do work closely with a partner who offers this service. Book Airport Shuttle

Is it safe to walk around the city?

New Orleans manages crowd control and large-scale special events like no other city in the country. However, as with all large cities, we encourage guests to utilize common sense and refrain from exploring deserted, non-tourist areas of the city.

Do your employees have pet alligators?

Contrary to popular belief, alligators do not run rampant throughout the Greater New Orleans Area. However, our Concierge Desk would be delighted to coordinate a Swamp Tour for you. 

Do you offer special group rates?

Absolutely! Please contact our group sales and events department for more information at msycc_ds@hilton.com or 504.378.4032.

Is a hurricane going to hit New Orleans while I'm there?

Highly unlikely. Hurricane season extends from June 1 - November 30 but the most active months are August and September. 

Does the Duck Dynasty cast enjoy the Cooked-To-Order Breakfast at your hotel?

Only if they are registered guests staying with us. Otherwise, their show is filmed in northern Louisiana, approximately 5 hours from New Orleans.

What kind of tour can I take in New Orleans?

There are plenty of fun options! Our full service concierge desk would be delighted to assist you with booking your favorite tour. View Concierge Tour Information for Embassy Suites New Orleans. 

How do I book a meeting or social event?

Fill out the online request form to host with us at Embassy Suites New Orleans. 

Does your hotel offer bus parking?

We do not currently offer onsite bus parking; however, there is bus parking located 2 blocks from our hotel in the Hilton New Orleans Riverside's "Whale Lot." The Hilton's parking department can be reached at 504.584.3994.

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